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Why the h&%k should I work for a small company again?

by balki on April 29, 2015 Comments Off on Why the h&%k should I work for a small company again?


A question that young professionals and experienced career seekers ask me repeatedly:

“Should I join a small company or a large one?”

Other versions of the same question are:

  • What is the risk of joining a small company?
  • Why would anyone ever want to join a large corporation?
  • Tell me how you decided to join that XYZ startup?

The frequency of this question has increased exponentially since we started doing our monthly meetups, college workshops and our webinars.

As with every common question in my life, I decided to write my answer in the form of a blog post 🙂


Here’s how you can use the above infographic:

  1. Review all the 12 attributes in the infographic and determine which ones are important/relevant to you
  2. Read the related description for small and large companies
  3. Every time you lean towards a small company, add a point to that column in the table (a simple mental table will suffice) and vice versa
  4. You add up the points for each column: Small Company or Large Company and voila, your destination should be clear!

For each of the attributes, we’ve also recommended what direction a student or professional should go based on our research & experience working with hundreds of career seekers and experts.

And here is all of this information captured in a boring, raw table format.

NOTE: This post was originally published on LinkedIn on March 24th 2015.  Here is the link to the original post.

balkiWhy the h&%k should I work for a small company again?