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A Concierge for your Career; DreamPath Turns Serendipity into Science

It is no secret that personal connections, planning ahead, persistence and patience go a long way in landing the perfect job. But when we are busy either working in our current job or just searching for the “next job” how can we plan out our next move towards our dream job, building key relationships while honing in the right skills?

DreamPath will fix these problems by helping you seek out and prepare for crucial career advancing opportunities-revealing and connecting many of the right dots for you while placing you in a perpetually empowered position ready to act.

Career Autopilot Does Not Exist

We think sometimes that by keeping our head down, working hard and focusing on the job at hand means that opportunities will eventually come to us. Possible yes, but in our highly-competitive digital world, the onus is on us to be exceptionally prepared for both the opportunities that come our way and for those we must go out, track down and swoop in on.

This is where DreamPath comes in as a very custom, personal concierge for your career, showing you where to go, who to meet, and what to do to ensure you are confidently on your way to that perfect position.

Far more than just being another job postings hub, career coach or advisor, DreamPath assesses where you are, where you want to be and, thanks to a sophisticated set of algorithms and unique relevant sets of data, points you in the right direction while helping you get there day by day.

Choose Your Destiny

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From Elusive to Enlightened

After selecting your targets and clicking “generate action list”, you’ll see a custom career action plan that you can get started on immediately. What were before some ill-defined hopeful goals are now solid, actionable steps with support and accountability on how to start working towards what you really want in a career. From connecting with the right Hiring Managers on LinkedIn, setting up informational interviews, tracking industry influencers to even setting up face to face time with your potential suitors at the local beer and tech meetup, you can now act-as you are now on track for that perfect job.

The Roadmap of Your Dreams


DreamPath Evolves With You

The DreamPath database includes data from over 800 companies, nonprofits and even government agencies in cities like Portland, San Francisco, NYC and Chicago. Considering the user’s preferences, experience and intentions, this ensures that each individual’s career action plan is 100% unique creating a seemingly infinite number of paths. While it is clear that lots of data crunching is at play, how it comes together though-that is DreamPath’s secret sauce. It “uses complex strings of data and would be very hard to replicate with traditional methods. We are getting very excited responses from our users and their unique paths are providing some interesting results.”

DreamPath is currently in its free open beta for select markets. Here is just a sliver of the many established and burgeoning NW companies currently in the database:

  • Urban Airship
  • New Relic
  • Jama Software
  • Puppet Labs
  • Nike
  • US Bank
  • McAfee
  • Amazon
  • WebMD
  • Umpqua Bank
  • NW Natural
  • Intel

Your Ace in the Hole

The inquiry, the introduction, the interview, the hire-every step of the way towards landing that dream gig you’ll be one step ahead and ready to go. While in the Hiring Manager’s eyes it may seem like it was destiny or chance that got you there-you’ll know it wasn’t either one. It was the focused, guided, actionable and meaningful steps you took as you continually progressed down your DreamPath.

Chandrakant KarmankarHow It Works