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DreamPath is a sophisticated career management tool. It is powerful yet simple to use. We listed the most common questions here. Feel free to contact us any time as well!

Simply put, DreamPath is what we call a “turn-by-turn navigation tool for your career“.  DreamPath’s vision is to bring expensive career-advice to the masses by using advanced technology, and organizing rich public data in order to advance your career.  Based on your criteria for the future job, the tool identifies the ideal employers and offers actionable advice to help you become a top 5% candidate at those employers.

It was purely based out of a personal frustration and the resulting experience.  Please read our co-founder Balki’s story here.

We strongly believe that this is one of the most successful strategies to pursue a career.  As we all get more social, you will have no option but to embrace the methodology wholeheartedly whether you like it or not!  Read the reasons behind this here.

As of April 2015, the tool is available in most parts of Oregon and the Seattle metro area.  Our plan is to expand to most of the west coast states by end of 2015 and open up to the rest of the country by end of 2016.

Schools can customize many aspects of the DreamPath tool to offer further value to their student/alumni population:

  1. Highlight employers that support the school’s career office
  2. Incorporate special action items that could be unique to the school’s philosophy or their coursework

Schools also get access to the students’ progress with powerful metrics.  For a full list of benefits for the schools, please check out this page.

As of April 2015, the DreamPath tool is available as a free tool to career-seekers.  We expected that within 2-3 months, we will introduce a premium version of the tool that will cost $8 / month.  We will also offer a more personalized, high-touch version with some guaranteed results for approximately $500.

The basic features (what you enjoy as of April 2015) will remain free for life!

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