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Our story

A little while ago one of DreamPath’s founders, Balki , was suffering in a job he didn’t enjoy much. He was so motivated to find a new career that he paid a career coach $1800 for advice and direction. But the money was totally worth it… you know why? Because the coach taught him the most valuable career lesson:


Focus, follow and “connect” with a small number of companies that he would love to work for – don’t just chase every job as it is posted on a job board!


That powerful idea stuck with Balki even after his corporate career search ended.

DreamPath’s other founder, Balaji also went through a similar experience. So when Balki and Balaji decided to start a company together they knew exactly what they needed to create:
A software tool that focused on helping career-seekers find a career at their dream companies.

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DreamPath is a turn-by-turn navigation tool for career seekers. Based on the users' criteria for their job, the tool identifies the ideal employers and offers actionable advice to help them become a top 5% candidate at those employers