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Our story

A little while ago one of DreamPath’s founders, Balki , was suffering in a job he didn’t enjoy much. He was so motivated to find a new career that he paid a career coach $1800 for advice and direction. But the money was totally worth it… you know why? Because the coach taught him the most valuable career lesson:


Focus, follow and “connect” with a small number of companies that he would love to work for – don’t just chase every job as it is posted on a job board!


That powerful idea stuck with Balki even after his corporate career search ended.

DreamPath’s other founder, Balaji also went through a similar experience. So when Balki and Balaji decided to start a company together they knew exactly what they needed to create:
A software tool that focused on helping career-seekers find a career at their dream companies.

Learn more about how DreamPath works

Check out our approach and see how the tool works here: Learn More

Know more about Balki and Balaji here: Team


DreamPath is a turn-by-turn navigation tool for career seekers. Based on the users' criteria for their job, the tool identifies the ideal employers and offers actionable advice to help them become a top 5% candidate at those employers

Our clients: University and College Career Centers

Some of the best higher-ed institutions in Oregon and beyond use DreamPath to deliver personalized career advice to their students.

DreamPath can be fully customized to the needs of each university’s career office.

Some of the elements that can be customized so you can make DreamPath your own:

  • Fully branded so the look-and-feel of the tool matches your institution’s own branding
  • Highlight partner employers/companies/sponsors so they get extra attention from student career-seekers
  • Create a set of your own action items, so you can use the tool as a mechanism for students to be prepared before the first 1-on-1 meeting with the career counselor

What is the value for your career office?

  • An incredible way to keep the students engaged constantly and increase foot traffic to the career office
  • Expose your students to a number of small and medium sized companies where they might be a better match than at one of the large employers
  • Track the student career progress as an administrator, so you could fine-tune the advice as needed

We’ve created a 90-second video about why we created DreamPath for schools, colleges and universities.